Kurt Höblinger
I am a Digital Healthcare engineer - not just since I finished my Master's Degree at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences - and a physio therapist. Maybe you’d like to check out my repositories on GitHub, read my dev-blog or have a look at my portfolio.
# Palatino

This iPhone application allows to easily convert arabic numbers to roman numbers and vice versa. Palatino ships with a special keyboard facilitating the process of typing in numbers. [appstore

# Shock

Shock is an iPhone application which helps you find AEDs in Vienna an perform high-quality CPR. It uses Open Data and combines it with an ambulanceman's knowledge. Call 144 directly from the app or find first aid classes provided by "Four for Vienna". [appst

# Eddi

Eddi asks for your age and resting heart rate and calculates your perfect, personalized traing heart rate using the Karvonen formula. It also calulates Sally Edward's heart rate zones. [apps

# pSTaRT

pSTaRT implements the popular modified simple triage and rapid treatment questionnaire and makes it pocket. It helps rescue service professionals quickly determine the severness of the victim's injuries. [appsto

# Master Thesis

During my master's degree I was researching the impact of Mixed Reality on the learning behaviour of physio and occupational therapists. The HoloLens application allows students to see a 3D model of a human hand complete with descriptive labels. [github]: http

# NWDatabase

NWDatabase is an XML-driven database solution with limited functionality. It was intended to be a database alternative for systems that did not support more advanced technologies like SQLite. [github]: h

# Where Is My Punsch?

Looking for a nearby christmas market in Vienna. You'd like some hot Punsch? This web application guides you there using open data. [github]: https://gi

There are some more projects over at GitHub that were not mentioned here. Also, I’m a hobby photographer. You can see my work on Flickr or 500px. There’s also a Twitter Account where I post on programming topics. Finally, I release videos on YouTube every now and then.