Kurt Höblinger
# Developing for the Oculus Go with Unity on Mac

I wanted to make a simple VR app for my Oculus Go and had to setup my environment beforehand. This tutorial tries to translate [reference tutorial][1] to Mac. Read more...

# Wordpress Theme Development

For my new project "Geriatrie2Go.eu" - a blog about health care in geriatrics - I tried to find the perfect Wordpress theme. However, I couldn't find one that satisfied my needs. So I built one myself using Docker. Read more...

# Introducing Kowalski

After looking for a light weight dev portfolio solution including a de-blog I decided to make my own. Not because I didn't find a pre-existing but because of the fun that comes with coding. Read more...

# Learning by adding features to Spotify

One of the benefits of being able to develop software is that - sometimes - you can fix bugs in programs you use or add features you need to existing software. Spotify confronted me with the second situation and made me learn a multitude of programming related stuff. I'll go over the details of this process in this article. Read more...

# Project "Master Thesis" #4 - Adding Code

Now it's time for some actual code. So far if we'd build the project and open it with Visual Studio Code, it'd be executable on the HoloLens Emulator. However, there's nothing to do. That's about to change. Read more...

# Project "Master Thesis" #3 - Create a virtual environment in Unity

In this part we'll import the 3D-Objects that were created using 3DSlicer and then use them as assets in the HoloLens application. This part I'll create three GameOjects and implement simple ways of interaction. Let's get started. Read more...

# Project "Master Thesis" #2 - Basic Unity Setup

Last time I told you about the prerequisites of my project. This time we'll talk about what to do first in Unity when creating a new project thats designed to work with Microsoft's HoloLens. Read more...

# Project "Master Thesis" #1 - Introduction and Prerequisites

Those who follow my [Twitter stream][twitter] might know that I'm currently working on my master thesis. The goal is to first create a [HoloLens][1] application displaying an anatomical structure and then evaluating the mixed reality experience impact on physio and occupational therapists. As you now know what I'll do, let me tell you how I'm going to do it. Read more...

# Introduction to web-ext (and stubling blocks)

Maybe you saw it: I created a web extension for the popular Firefox Browser - specifically for the Android version of the browser. It does a simple thing (and it's a fork of a fork of an example extension): The extension changes the user agent string when you browse google. Here's what I learned on the way. Read more...