Kurt Frey
# Academic Life

Bachelor of Science: Physiotherapy

I finished my bachelor's degree in physiotherapy in 2016 and am working in the field of geriatrics since.

Master of Science in Engineering: Digital Healthcare

In June of 2018 I finished my Master's Degree as a Master of Science in Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria. My Master Thesis was titled "Learning Anatomy with Mixed Reality" and evaluated a Mixed Reality Application visualizing MRI data in the educational field.

The software was written in C# and created using Unity 3D and Visual Studio. It allows occupational therapists and physiotherapists to see anatomical structures of a human hand in a Mixed Reality environment using the Microsoft HoloLens. The testers had a chance to try out all the different features of the application and were then asked to fill out a questionnaire.

With the application the testers could place the elements of the musculoskeletal apparatus freely in the environment. They could also rotate the hand and change the opacity of single tendons, bones, muscles and blood vessels. The application always displayed the latin name of the structure they were looking at on the screen, so they would know what they were focusing on.

The results of the questionnaire showed that the software holds great potential. While the participants of the study felt that the application lacked a bit of self-descriptiveness, they still thought that it is very well suited for the educational field.

Below is a video showing all the different features of the application. Also, you can download - or even fork - the software created for this study over at GitHub. Of course, you can download the Master Thesis and the Scientific Poster.

Master of Business Administration: Healthcare Management

To further pursue my career as a managing therapist I finished my MBA at WU Executive Academy in Vienna in 2022.